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B Movie – Date At Modnight


17 Maggio 2019 22:00
17 Maggio 2019 23:30
Via Prenestina, 738, 00155 Roma   Mappa



Date at Midnight formed in Rome in 2007, the current line – up features Daniele De Angelis (voice), Pasquale Vico (bass), Francesco Barone (guitar) and Francesco Mignogna (drums), who joined in 2012 following the former drummer Danilo Staniscia, and quickly established a strong reputation both in Italy and abroad.
They released a debut, self – titled EP (2008), and then the album “No Love” (2011) for Manic Depression Records (www.manicdepressionrecords.com). After five years of touring and composing new materials, in 2016 the band released the sold out album “Songs to fall and Forget”, and in 2018 a brand new EP, “Reverse Resilience”, again for Manic Depression, bringing some additional wave melancholia to their dark and impacting goth/postpunk sound, widely appraised during the band’s live appearances made all across Europe.


B-Movie formed in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire in 1978 from the ashes of local punk band TheAborted. Originally calling themselves Studio 10 after a local hairdressing salon, the inaugural line-up of Steve Hovington (vocals/bass), Paul Statham (guitar) & Graham Boffey (drums) quickly changed their name to B-Movie following Steve’s discovery in an art book of the Andy Warhol painting of the same name.


Formed in 2017, Kunstcamera is a bass guitar driven electronic music band. Bassist Gianpaolo and drummer Valentina accepted Alessandro’s the invitation to collaborate to the project he had been working on for few years and which he was finally ready to bring to life. The idea comes from Alessandro’s secret passion for electronic music and his desire to express with an unusual approach the hidden potential of the so called “rhythm section” and how it can integrate electronic sequences and played elements with the help of massive effect processing.
The name Kunstcamera is inspired by the first museum in Russia established by Tsar Peter the Great in XVIII century intended as a cabinet of curiosities and rarities; apparently an inchoerent collection, it was actually systematically subject to a well defined plan. This concept bears some analogy to the influences and inspirations for the band, ranging from industrial to electropop, from new wave to shoegaze and pop from jazz to soundtracks from the movies of the ’60