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Pink Turns Blue – Avantgarde


1 Marzo 2019 22:00
1 Marzo 2019 23:30
Via Prenestina, 738, 00155 Roma   Mappa



Pink Turns Blue are an influential band from Cologne/Berlin, Germany. Formed in 1985, they quickly put out their first LP, If Two Worlds Kiss expressing a sound reminiscent of New Wave with very dark undertones and use of synthesisers, only to become one of the pioneers of the developing sub-genre of darkwave.
Before the first album Thomas Elbern left the band to form Escape With Romeo.

After many hits like Michelle, Walking On Both Sides,Your Master Is Calling, The First, I Coldly Stare Out, Touch The Skies, Catholic Sunday, Missing You, If Two Worlds Kiss, Moon and Seven Years they split up in 1995. In 2003 they reformed to appear on a few festivals. Because of the success of the re-union, they released a best of album called “Re-Union” and in 2005 their studio album “Phoenix.” The latest Album is called “The AERDT – Untold Stories”

The current lineup of the band consists of:
Mic Jogwer, Ruebi Walter, Paul Richter


Avant-Garde are a Rome based band came to life in 1994 as a creation of Alessio Schiavi with the attitude to re-elaborate the classic dark-wave sound, trying to turn it into something more fresh, upgraded and new without losing the original feeling of 80ies darkwave.

After appearances at countless gothic festivals and on various compilations, it was from 2004 when the
project evolved into a real band, with the arrival of Alessandro Conte (bass) in 2004 and Antonio M. in
2006 (guitars).

Since then, the band released two full length albums (“Cyanure” in 2004 and the acclaimed “Iron in flesh” in 2008) and performed several gigs all over Europe, having the pleasure to be the support act for bands such as Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, Cinema Strange, And Also The Trees, For Against, The Chameleons, Clan Of Xymox, White Rose Movement …

2010: New line-up, new sounds; Viviana B. and her synths join the band, replacing the second guitar.
Her arrival is adding fresh influences and sounds to the project!

2013: Their third album “Antitesi” is released by the French label Manic Depression Records, recorded as to a 4-piece band with Gianmarco Bellumori on drums.

In 2014 Avant-Garde are ready to spread their sound much further across the borders of homeland Italy than ever before!